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Provide specialized turnkey experiential marketing services to organizations without limitations; by utilizing experience, relationships and resources to achieve measurable outcomes for stakeholders.


Dharma Professional Services LLC is a boutique corporate business concierge Marketing Agency and full-service provider, delivering local, national or global results in concentrated areas of business. We focus on intentional, direct and specific results for our clients. Our turnkey services slogan, “We Do, For You!”, is intended to understand client needs, direct the action steps throughout fulfillment and provide specific results. Our promotion functionality makes business easier for you and your organization.

We believe understanding our clients’ needs is the key to achieving success for all stakeholders. Our experience allows us to understand your department, division and corporate needs. We can help you identify, define or redefine the need. This understanding allows us to develop a strategic plan of fulfillment for our clients. Our strategy has delivered measurable results for our clients, vendors and participants alike!  

Our Professional Approach


Vision, Experience and Leadership are what places Dharma Professional Services in a superior position to achieve the mission for and with our clients. Understanding digital marketing while seeing opportunity, conditions, trends, hazards and responsibility are the defining answers to the question: “Why choose Dharma Professional Services LLC?”  Our individualized plans are developed with strategic  priorities and services that will achieve goals effectively. 

Marketing  and promotion include a comprehensive consult to  identify gaps and opportunities, and provide results in comprehensive report that includes an Action Plan. 


At Your Service

Allan L Cole

A unique personal life and professional experience have lent themselves to describe Specialized Business Professional, Allan L Cole. A through and true strong Mississippian, Cole has been blessed with overcoming obstacles and creating opportunities and solutions. Humility and service are the key traits to planning, executing, overcoming and achieving in both personal and professional results.

Humble beginnings being reared in Meridian and a village community of home, church and school; Allan developed a love for sports, civics, culture and the arts. Days following graduation from The High School, Meridian High School, Meridian, MS, Cole served honorably as a PARATROOPER with the US Army 82nd Airborne Division. At 23, he was the youngest to date, to be hired by Columbia/Def Jam/Sony Music Entertainment as a promotion manager. Unmatched success breaking superstar artists, generating millions in music sales and billions in revenue, Cole was a key contributor in the Southeast market.

Events Services Marketing and implementation was a progressive professional transition in  a new corporate market for him! In Chicago and Mississippi, Cole adapted, adjusted and overcame within hospitality for impactful achievement with brands such as Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott and IHG. Allan's time and effort spent launching the first Instant Major record label, J Records/RCA Music Group/Sony Music Entertainment, headed by industry icon, Clive J. Davis provided opportunities of promotion, marketing, event planning, production services and executive reporting were the key to challenges, obstacles and options that were faced and overcame yielding hypo productive results during tenure.

Relocation to Los Angeles followed for 5 eventful and successful years, our founder relocated home to Mississippi’s capitol city, Jackson; where he has made a significant impact in business and with civic organizations. Cole founded Dharma Professional Services LLC to provide service expertise in key need function areas of business. A servant member of the Jackson Downtown Rotary Club, he was voted to serve on the Board of Directors. He also serves on the Board of Directors for the Greater Jackson Arts Council. Ready to provide New, Better, Different strategies for the consistencies, and changes within our business climate today.